How offensive!

Is this for real I wonder? Do you know people like the developers described in the piece? I suppose they must exist, but as a “corporate developer” myself, I just find this offensive…

» Jared Odulio: Anatomy of a Corporate Developer. An excerpt:

A corporate developer eats buzzwords for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He/she thinks that wearing a shirt with an IT vendor’s logo embroidered in the left chest is awesome and geeky. He/she never touched a linux box in his entire development career and never heard of Gnome. And normally, his/her language of choice is Visual Basic until Java became so hot, he/she jumped the bandwagon. He believes that good practices aren’t necessary as long as the system is currently working.

Via Erik Thauvin.


  1. Isn't this just a poor imitation of CausticTech. With blog of this nature you can't take it too personally.
  2. Heh heh, well that’s what I figured. Thanks for the link, hadn’t seen that one before. The only site like this I occasionally amuse myself with is The Bile Blog: Poole#
  3. Is it a coincidence that a responder to that idiotic rant was also called Ben? If so nice response. What exactly is an asshat anyway?Pete#
  4. Yes, I saw that. I promise it wasn’t me though… I don’t think the original poster deserves a response really. He is apparently serious, and therefore must be a silly arse.

    As for “asshat”, I’ve seen this epithet bandied about a lot recently: it makes no sense!Ben Poole#

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