Red Hot Chili Peppers: Live In Hyde park (album cover)Buy this album. It is amazing. Last month, the Red Hot Chili Peppers played three nights in Hyde Park, London. I couldn’t go, but really wish I had. Still, the next best thing is here: a double CD culled from these gigs, Live in Hyde Park. This album came out today, so I had to buy it en route to the office. I’m very glad I did too. It’s worth the price alone just to hear the Peppers’ amazing rendition of I Feel Love! I gather the CD is only available in the US on import , sorry. For once, us Europeans and Australasians get first dibs [smiley PokeTongue]

Moving on, I’m conscious that has been very quiet of late. This is due to a combination of home commitments (three kids takes it out of you I tell you), lots going on at work, and — of most interest to you — some secret squirrel stuff, soon to be revealed on this site (promise). Actually, some of it isn’t all that secret, but please, humour me.

Exits looking suitably annoying and mysterious.


  1. hehe, i have a few secret squirrels running the wheels at my place too…


    looking forward to the wiki sir! jonvon#

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