A new addition

iMac G4No, not another child! Heh heh. Finally, after living with the same Mac since 1998, I have a new one. Well, new to me anyway: a 15” iMac G4. 800 MHz processor, 60GB hard drive, 384MB RAM and a Superdrive so I can burn DVDs as well as CDs. Woo hoo!

I bought this little beauty from eBay, and it arrived via courier today. Very exciting. :-)


  1. Holy moly, congratulations! :-)

    60 gig, that should help with the music collection. How much was it?Volker Weber#
  2. It should indeed ;-) AND I can re-install XCode now!

    It cost me £460, but no keyboard or mouse (not a problem given that there are loads of those on eBay and I have some for now anyway).

    Very pleased so far!Ben Poole#
  3. Congrats on the new arrival!

    I'm still pining for a 15" G4 powerbook. One of these days…Bob#
  4. Ben, so what's her name? :-)Volker Weber#
  5. Well, it’s a he: Ethelred.

    No, I have no idea why either: it just fits ;-)

    Bob: do it! you won’t regret it. Jonathan Greene puts it well:
    I use a PC because I have to. I use a Mac because I want to. Poole#
  6. Congrats! I love my 20" iMac but I am itching for a 17" PowerBook and a liquid cooled G5 :-)Bruce Elgort#
  7. So -- when do we get to hear the 'Stick-centred album you will (of course) be producing through Garage Band?Stan Rogers#
  8. Good question Stan! I'm looking out for a copy of iLife, but what with all this purchasing of late, I’d be pushing it buying new strings for the Stick I think. Oh, and then there’s that lack of time thing ;-) Ben Poole#
  9. Would that be 'Ethelred the Unready'

    "His reign was plagued by poor advice …."
    "His was a rather long and ineffective reign, …"

    We are about to (attempt to) port a notes 6 app to mac. My first foray in the Apple world since my old Apple 2e. I think you've just come up with the name for the project. ;-)AJP#

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