And so it would appear that detective vowe has made progress: the recent spate of anonymous / pseudonymous weblog comments and pathetic emails* (“I’m going to tell your boss on you…”) could be ascribed to an individual tied to the Radicati group. Silly, silly, silly. If this individual had just let the furore die down over the report, instead of trolling and so on, this episode would have passed. As it is, I won’t be reading any Radicati material in the near future — will you?

In the meantime, if you need a central resource for all things Radicati Group-related, you could do far worse than read this Radicati Group wiki page.

Talking of wikis, we’re live. Just need some content now…

* - by the way, “Daniel Johnson” has appeared on Eric Mack’s site, as well as at The Corner Office and famously, at Bruce’s.


  1. Woah, the wiki looks well impressive! Well done, sir. Now, what to put in it? :-)

    (and yes, you have to share the template ;-)Colin Pretorius#
  2. Well done, Ben. Now let's see how this scales. :-)Volker Weber#
  3. Scalability? Hah!

    I will share the template. But I want this wiki to be the testing ground first, before a v1.00 release: there must be hundreds of bugs to squash yet.

    And then I expect I’ll switch to PHP or something ;-) Ben Poole#
  4. Release early, release often ;-). I'll be looking forward to it, whenever it's ready :-)Colin Pretorius#
  5. So this is just a PooleWorks Alpha right now? I wouldn't even think of stealing the code and calling it my own until you hit a stable beta….Stan Rogers#
  6. Very nice wiki, Sir! And sure to be well supported, given the buzz …Chris Molloy#

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