Lady Penelope's FAB carEarlier this evening I took Thomas (six) and Jack (nearly four) to see the new Thunderbirds movie. I went with not a little trepidation: many of the reviews I’ve seen have been luke-warm at best.

Well, cobblers to the lot of ’em: it was thoroughly entertaining, and not at all “disrespectful” to Gerry Anderson’s original vision (I speak as a thirty-two year old geek: I could easily be an anorak about this if I so chose). The innocence and sheer joy of the original is present, and the effects are splendid. I particularly enjoyed the performances by Sophia Myles and Ron Cook (Lady Penelope and Parker respectively) — very good. Yes, there is a little schmaltz but that’s to be expected — especially when cheese-meister Paxton is in charge… Oh yes, the opening credits are very cool too.

Anyway, the boys loved it, and judging by the trailer, The Incredibles looks like it’s going to be another hit for Pixar too!


  1. I am hanging out for this movie here in OZ too. During the recent school holidays I took my two boys to a couple of movies and saw the trailer for the Incredibles. It looked like a lot of fun. Much better than this other crap trailer about some sea creature, possibly a bright purple sea horse with an african american accent, teaming up with a vegetarian shark??!!!? Please! I know I am never going to see that one. Hell will freeze over first. I have been caught out by trailers before. The ones where all the best movie bits are in the trailer … familiar to anyone?Bruce Langner#
  2. Excellent - ta for that. My wife is *really* into thunderbirds, and is currently refusing to see it on principle. Lack of strings, or something like that.

    ---* BillWild Bill#
  3. I can understand that ;-) It is very much a kids film though: as an (alleged) “adult” I wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for the fact that the three of us were having a “lads night out”: there weren’t any all-adult groups in the cinema, so read into that what you will…Ben Poole#
  4. Are you kidding? My kids and I LOVED the movie, even the string tribute in TB1!Christopher Byrne#

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