Notes 7 and the Mac

So what do you reckon? Ever going to happen? I suspect not. But the silence over this from Lotus is, frankly, maddening. Just say what’s going on guys, one way or the other… please!

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  1. I've only been in my new job a couple of days -- trying to a) get the answer and b) figure out what/how to communicate with the outside world.
    But I might still be impeded from giving a public answer for a while.
    So does hitting the comment/reply key and saying nothing actually help; is that any better than the silence? 'Cause I can give the same non-answer on LDD if it would reassure anyone that IBM are at least listening. --Ed (yes, you can check that IP, I"m in a hotel room in San Francisco. it's me. ;) )Ed Brill#
  2. It’s better than just silence, yes. Thanks Ed ;-) Ben Poole#
  3. Ahh. Given workplace v2 thin client, and the downloadable "notes application" portlet/tool thats coming in version 7, I can see there being a "thin client" on the Mac in that respect.. ?

    (assuming that both of those technologies is portable - but thats the point, isnt it ?)

    ---* BillWild Bill#
  4. Well, that’s what we’re all hoping Bill. The Mac has been mentioned as being a supported platform for the rich client at some point… just not usually in the same breath as Windoze and Linux, which might suggest to some that the Mac release will linger behind the other two platforms.

    I just hope there will be full feature parity: the current R5 and ND 6.x releases on the Mac are client-only with absolutely no Java support for example, whilst ND7 isn’t available at all (hence this post).Ben Poole#
  5. Ben is right, it's the silence on this issue that is maddening!

    I can live with what ever decision IBM makes about the Mac client, but not knowing what that decision is the problem. When I'm asked by executives with their shiny new Powerbooks in hand if there is going to be a Notes 7 Mac client, I have no answer for them. All I can do is to continue to respectfully ask IBM to make the decision, one way or the other, and to let us know about it at the earliest possible point in time.Ken Porter#
  6. Oops, sorry. Re comment #4, R5 on the Mac does have the Designer client at least.Ben Poole#
  7. From a meeting at the Apple WWDC last month ;
    Lotus Notes: We met with Todd Bxxx, Apple's liaison with Lotus/IBM. Here's the Map of Notes releases for the Mac:
    - Version 6.5.2 (just released?): Supports Panther
    - 6.5.3 Will support Tiger (Should be released concurrently)
    - 6.54/7.0: To be released in H1 2005, Lotus will have 6.5.4 on the client fully compatible with version 7.0 on the server. Lotus will make up for 7.0 client features by adding them as separate apps: A browser-based "SameTime" IM client and a "QuickPlace" app.
    - Version 8.0 will have full parity (release date unknown of course). There will never be a 7.0 client on the Mac.Ed Maloney#
  8. Interesting… thanks Ed! This certainly sounds like a feasible approach for IBM. Now, why don’t the buggers announce it??Ben Poole#
  9. who are you calling a bugger? :)

    We don't announce it because it might or might not be the final decision. I can vouch for both Ed Maloney and Todd Brackett (Apple), but not for whether Todd is 100% in the know (or, obviously, whether Ed's understanding is accurate). All i ask is stay tuned.Ed Brill#
  10. I have an official word from the other bugger: :-)Volker Weber#
  11. see, I was being coy for a reason….
    Ed Brill#
  12. One major issue, if anyone is still here. You can't copy as html from another program in OS X and then paste special as html into Lotus like you can on the Windows client. Believe it or not, I frequently use this feature, and so I'm always switching to PC's at the office where I work just to perform this one task.Beckman#

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