The final nail

For someone with a PhD, Sara Radicati comes across as one of the most stupid people in the (technology) world. Not content with marketing utter bollocks as a serious industry report, and then having one of her ANALysts spam various weblogs, she has now resorted to sending ludicrous emails to prominent people within the industry:

I think you have not understood a single thing I just wrote to you - again, everything I needed to say about this topic or our methodology, ethics, processes, etc. is already posted on my web site.

I really don’t have any more time for these endless discussions.

Dr. Radicati, you need to make time, believe me. Read more at Volker’s site.


  1. This just amazes me….Duffbert#
  2. A (relatively) new phenomenon

    car crash web!Ben Poole#
  3. I don’t understand why Radicati’s emphasis is still on the community’s issue with the report: we’ve moved beyond that now!
    “The people who are writing on blogs—those are Lotus diehards, IT managers and midlevel people who’ve built their career on Lotus,” Radicati said. “They’re not necessarily the people who hold the purse strings. I think that’s where some of the disconnect is.”

    Hmm…Ben Poole#

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