Wow, things have been busy of late. What’s been happening? Geek stuff first:

  • I have finished up the initial 0.9 release of the Wiki. A lot of people have asked for the template, and I’ll be glad to hand it over, but I want it accepted as a project over at OpenNTF first, as that seems the logical place to host the app. The request is right here if anyone is interested.
  • I have a new little database coming soon for simple manipulation of action bars in Notes databases (via DXL). This has saved me a lot of time recently.
  • I have continued to tinker with Garageband. I may never code again… LOL!
  • Skype beta for OS X. Had to go get that! I also received my first “spam” call on it this evening too. Yay. You cna pick up Skype IDs for the usual suspects on Volker’s wiki.
  • Work is picking up. I don’t seem to be writing that much code of late, just supporting existing apps and trying to get newly coded ones deployed. That takes a loooooooooooooong time where I work, and frankly sucks.
  • We went on a family holiday for three weeks in August! Which was nice. We stayed with the in-laws in Spain, as they now live there. Couldn’t escape IT though, and ended up setting up a wireless network.
  • Toby, the youngest of my three boys, is now four months old and was baptised on Sunday.
  • Jack, the “middle boy” has just turned four, and started school this week.

So, all in all, I feel old. And quite tired.

PS, Apple users, be sure to grab the latest update for OS X.


  1. Ben,

    As a musician how do you like GarageBand? Maybe we should collaborate on a music project ;-)Bruce Elgort#
  2. “Musician” is a hi-falutin’ term for describing what I do Bruce, but yeah, I like it very much. I need to get some adaptors together so I can plug my Stick and bass in… I’d also really like to get hold of a simple USB keyboard so I can play with the virtual instruments properly.

    But overall, I am seriously impressed. Software synthesis and electronic music have come amazingly far in the last few years. Hats off to the programmers.Ben Poole#

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