Tired of wrestling with Windows XP, Grady Booch has switched. I like his take on the whys and wherefores. If I could use OS X at work tomorrow, I would, like a snap. I’m currently finding work so… draining with Windoze — coming home and firing up SubEthaEdit or Xcode or whatever, is such a joy in comparison. Anyway, Grady goes on to say why he went for a PowerBook rather than one of his employer’s machines:

Is it therefore curious for me, an IBMer, to be carrying around a non-IBM laptop? There’s no doubt that IBM makes some wonderful personal computing devices (and I’m not quite to the point where I need a zSeries machine), but to paraphase James Carville, “it’s the software, stupid.”

Interesting point of view. Whilst the techie world has always picked up on the lickability of Apple’s hardware, it’s surely more meaningful to pick up on the sheer usefulness of its software. As many before me have said, it’s about getting things done!


  1. I miss the days of using my Mac to develop Notes applications. That is the only reason that I use a Windows based PC.Angel Figueroa#
  2. Must be something in the water at the moment. I bought a G4 powerbook last monday. This will now be my primary machine. So far I am very impressed. It's amazing what you put up with as a windows user because "that's just the way it works". OSX looks great, all my development software runs on it and everything just works straight out of the box! I'm lovin iSync to sync my contacts with my T610 mobile over bluetooth! It's a killer machine and I won't be surprised if more people start jumping ship very soon.Brendon Upson#
  3. Welcome to the fold Brendon! It’s great to see so many top-notch developers embracing OS X — and Puakma seems like an excellent fit to me! :-) Ben Poole#
  4. By a strange coincidence, this morning I read an older post at Mike Mason’s site in which he had just ordered a PowerBook and was telling the tale that clinched it:
    Jon Chin had this to say:

    “It’s a UNIX workstation laptop. Think about it: Sparc laptops are cool, if rare; SGI laptops would have been insanely wonderful except that they only ever existed in a film.

    “In fact, better than any old UNIX laptop, it’s a NeXT laptop. The sleekest, funkiest, most ahead-of-its-time workstation in recorded history, and you could have its newest, shiniest incarnation throbbing gently on your thighs, with your strong fingers poised over its quivering keyboard, ready to pound its beautiful little shell prompt into submission.”
    LOL!Ben Poole#

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