The DXL buzz

Got to love those freaky coincidences. Recently, I actually started to play with Domino’s XML implementation, DXL. DXL is pretty damn good, thanks to people like Ned Batchelder and Dick Annicchiarico. Over the past couple of years, there have been some discussions on OpenNTF and the Lotus Developer Domain concerning harnessing the power of DXL to produce a new “designer client” — whether that’s for us poor deprived Mac developers, or as a way of introducing a sub-set of designer functions to business developers.

Well, we’re a step closer to such a complex DXL tool thanks to Ian Sherwood and Mac Guidera. These guys have delivered the first release of DXLPeek, a DXL-based alternative to the aged (but way cool) NotesPeek, originally developed as a hobby project by Ned B. Way to go guys!

So, what else in the big freaky coincidence? Well, Damien has a post about using Domino as a blogging tool, and this has provoked some interesting discussion, with Stan resurrecting the idea of the lightweight designer client. Also, Bruce asks the question Do you DXL?


  1. Wow -- I can't believe just how many Mac + Domino guys are out there. I thought I was the only one; finding out you're one too is kind of exciting. :D

    Thom Rosario#
  2. I thought I was the only one for a long time as well ;-)Mac Guidera#
  3. You actually are the only one. These other guys are just messing with your head.

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  4. Ha! I knew it.
    But they wouldn't listen.Mac Guidera#
  5. Julian’s got me. I haven’t got a clue what this “Dynamically eXtensible Loopholes” is all about really… we are just playing with your head Mac :-D Ben Poole#
  6. A Lite-Desiger Client for the Mac should(!) not be too difficult for Lotus,IBM to produce as there is already some designer functionality embedded in the Mac client. If you allow a Mac user to Create Personal Folder/Views then that user can create a view and customize it using formula and Lotus Script. The LotusScript editor even has those (love'em or hate'em) property prompt for objects. Strangely though a mac user with Create LotusScript/Java Agents can *only* create Agents with Simple actions!.

    However, the Mac 'designer' it is a little buggy. If the LotusScript properties prompt is displayed for an object and you mouse click the database properties dialogbox then the mac client crashes with "The application Note has unexpectedly quit"
    AJP Filmit#
  7. Don't forget Ferdy !!
  8. Very true: and Ned! Poole#
  9. I'm a bit lost on how to view/transform data on Domino and Mac OS X. We are thinking of using Domino at our main customer's site and they also have a couple of WebObjects apps (done by us). What's the best way to connect to Domino from a J2SE app, Domino Objects ? DXL ? JSP Tag Library ? Compoze Connector for Lotus ?Pascal#
  10. It’s a problem, because whilst a wee Java app that uses the lotus.domino package will compile on OS X, it won’t run: you may well get some errors relating to not being able to bind to the Notes DLLs. I haven’t tested with the remote Java classes, you may have more joy there, I don’t know. To be honest, when it comes to my dev. platform of choice (Mac), I don’t even look at Notes.Ben Poole#

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