eBay craziness

I have made a number of purchases on eBay of late, and two of these have had a mention on this site: my new Mac and a copy of iLife ‘04. eBay is a great concept — you have to be a little bit careful of course, but overall, a splendid resource. For a few weeks I’ve been keeping an eye out for a new-style Apple USB keyboard. Including postage, brand new these things come in at around forty-five quid, so I thought I’d try and pick one up on eBay for about £30. Heh…

Tonight I kicked myself, because I forgot all about the end of an auction I’d been meaning to keep an eye on. I logged on out of curiosity at auction end: the keyboard in question went for £46 plus nearly £7 postage. Ha ha!

There are some stupid people out there, no question. Check out the auction.


  1. Worse still. Mrs spuggy has just discovered eBay. Recently she started buying large item of furniture that could only be picked up by the buyer (i.e. me).

    I have been to Bournmouth and Leicester so far. The last cuboard was the size of the Ark Royal.

    Oh BoySpug-reserve-not-met.#
  2. Ben, what I find amazing about e-Bay is the number of mispelled items for sale. You can take great advantage of this using a site like Fat Fingers ( Type "Playstation" in, click Generate and then click on the link in yellow that appears beneath.Richard Shergold#

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