Star Wars and G5s

Tomorrow is that day, and in a cosmic zap of goodness, it coincides with the delivery of my pre-ordered Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI) DVD set. Woo hoo! But here’s an interesting snippet about the production of the DVDs:

In the past four years, Lowry Digital has been hired to use their patented custom software processes to digitally clean and restore hundreds of films, including high-profile efforts on Snow White, Citizen Kane and last year’s acclaimed Indiana Jones Trilogy DVD set.

At the Lowry Digital Images facility, over 600 Macintosh dual-processor G5 computers utilizing over 2400 gigabytes of RAM and 478 terabytes (over 478 million megabytes) of hard drive space processed each of the classic Star Wars films…

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  1. sigh…won't be buying those, as they aren't the original films. lucas, as a harbinger of things to come, completely crapped those films up with his "special edition" versions (greedo shooting first is but one offense). bring back the originals on dvd, george, and you'll get my hard earned money.

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