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Thanks to everyone who dropped by yesterday with their best wishes, it is much appreciated! I did very well this year on the present front. The big pressie — a joint effort from a number of family members — was a Canon PowerShot A75 digital camera. Now, I’m not an amazingly proficient photographer, and I can’t devote a lot of time to it what with everything else, so a camera that does the job with the minimum amount of fuss, producing some decent images is good enough for me… which is exactly what I got :-) I’ve predictably started tinkering with the camera already, and I am now eyeing up the iPhoto Flickr plug-in: most intriguing! Naturally the camera was a cinch to link up to iPhoto.

Other tech / Apple news: Brent Simmons has released the first NetNewsWire 2 betas. If you run NetNewsWire, whether it’s the Lite or full version, you should check out the betas:

I run NNWL, and have found the beta to be very stable. The big improvement in this release from me (aside from the amazing embedded browser work and what have you) is performance: NetNewsWire Lite flies, even with a big ole’ subscription list like mine. Take a look.


  1. I bought NNW a while ago, and it's easily one of my must-have apps. I recommend it to everyone I know.Thom Rosario#
  2. Oh yes: a must-have app.

    Back to piccies: I have Flickr![email protected]/Ben Poole#
  3. How about an alias like or ?Volker Weber#
  4. Good thinking: when I actually read some of the help on the site (!), I created an alias… :-D So my site is: Poole#
  5. At last I get to see you with your clothes on Ben. ;-))Spug#
  6. Great camera dude! I love Canon - point and click for lovely images! Happy birthday for yesterday too!Colin Williams#
  7. Happy Birthday Knacker. 32 Jesus! At least you still act like a 4 year old…..Ginger Binger#

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