Good news on the news feed front

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I use NetNewsWire Lite at home to keep abreast of expanding list of RSS / Atom feeds. However, I’ve shied away from using RSS at work. Apart from the “getting stuff done” factor (!), the main reason for this is that there’s no way of keeping read / unread marks in sync between news readers (unless you use one of the Domino templates eh!)

Until now.

Brent Simmons, of NetNewsWire fame, has just posted about a new development in the world of news reading which addresses just this issue:

The Bloglines folks have created a new feature that makes it so desktop applications such as NetNewsWire can work with Bloglines…
…It means you can use Bloglines and NetNewsWire together. NetNewsWire will know what your Bloglines subscription list is and what items you have read.

Other applications—such as FeedDemon and Blogbot—do or will support it too, which means that you could use different newsreaders on different operating systems but still keep things in sync. (We expect that other newsreaders will support it also.)

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