New releases

Golly, what a busy day! Not only has Tiger finally gone gold, we also get the official 1.1 release of Subversion! I’ve been running 1.1 RC1 on my Mac for a couple of weeks now, using Apache 2 to serve up my repository via Webdav, and it’s been working pretty well (not that I’ve exactly been hammering the set-up with my piddly Java meanderings you understand).

Incidentally, if you want to set up a full Subversion service on your Mac, you could do a lot worse than read Justin Williams’ piece on it, Using Subversion With XCode. It covers more ground than just setting your repository up from within Xcode, but beware some of the instructions: you might want to set up your repository before attempting to establish access to it! ;-) If anyone wants some detail as to how I went about setting it up on my machine, I’ll whack something together in the wiki.


  1. I fixed it. I was pushing text around in BBEdit at the last minute (in the wee hours of the night) and didn't realize I made the article a bit illogical.

    glad you liked it otherwise.Justin Williams#
  2. Thanks Justin; it’s definitely a really useful resource.Ben Poole#

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