Forget the talk of Iraq, of being wired, this, that and the other. Simply check out this four meg video file which compares gubernatorial candidate Bush some ten years ago, with the uncomfortable shambling speaker of today: George Bush. The Ten Year Difference!

OK, so we all have good and bad days, but this is pretty illuminating nonetheless. Not to mention worrying. Once you’re done with that, be sure to check out the President’s thoughts on sovereignty.

Ten year link via James Duncan Davidson.


  1. URL not found for the .mov file :(Bruce Elgort#
  2. Yeah it’s been moved. Check out this post — contains a link to the file also: Poole#
  3. There is some speculation that Dumbya is suffering from pre-senile dementia. Do a Google and you'll find stories from major newspapers speculating on this. The man can't string together three coherent sentences and they refer to it as being "plain spoken".
    No problem there!
    Ed Maloney#

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