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Muh. Another crappy day at work, followed by a puncture to the car (nothing like changing tyres on a cold black winter’s evening), and now the ole’ comment spam is coming in nicely. It’s not nearly as bad as the hit two weeks ago (300 comments), nor at the level poor old Bruce has been experiencing, but it’s enough to bug the hell out of me. The hits are mainly from domains in Romania, and of course, the User-Agent is sufficiently generic to be unusable in robots.txt (not that these spammers abide by specifications in any case). Pointless, annoying wankers these people are!

Moving on, another worry is this, found in my referrers: Seed Site

Apparently I’m running a “seed site”. Now, that doesn’t sound too good to me. What do you reckon? :-o


  1. bastards. kill em all.

  2. LOL I noticed you’ve had one of those days recently jonvon ;o) Poole#
  3. I am still fighting them but they keep trying. I am also working on some code to prevent them from posting. Falkers!Bruce Elgort#
  4. What the hell is a "seed site"!? Your 'Ads by Google' will hook you up to the B&Q Garden Store if you're not careful …

  5. Jake's tried to implement counter measures:
  6. Ben if you want some of the anti spam code used in then mail me and I will send it - posted it on Bruce's site a while ago as well.

    I get hundreds of spam comment attempts a week but none get through.Steve Castledine#
  7. Cheers Steve and Andy

    I have taken measures to bolster the existing defences in the template, so I’ll see how that goes. I’ve got a couple more ideas up my sleeve ;-) Ben Poole#
  8. hehehe… yes i've had a few weeks in a row… things seem to be getting better, this week is practically a vacation compared to the last two…

    ya know i was getting lots of spam on my blog. i was like, man didn't steve do something fancy with javascript to fix that? turns out i had to turn it on. hehe. haven't seen any spam since… (fingers crossed, knocking on wood and so forth)


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