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Like John Head and Richard Schwartz, I recently attended a two day workshop with IBM, all about application development with Lotus Workplace 2. It was a useful workshop, crammed with information, and certainly gave me some food for thought. If anything, there was too much stuff to go through in a two day session, and we didn’t get to do nearly as much “hands-on” stuff as I would have liked (mind you, the lab machines were so slow, perhaps that’s a blessing. Eek).

I wasn’t on my tod though, oh no. I was accompanied by m’two learned, illustrious colleagues Marc “Palin” Springett and the great John Barrow (he of Sametime red book fame!), so my thanks to them for helping make the two days most enjoyable. IBM Hursley is set in green splenditude within the lovely village of Hursley, and the Winchester area certainly makes for a pleasing change from the Big Smoke.

I can’t really add to what has already been said about the WP2.0 sessions at the moment — I need to gather my thoughts first (could take some time) — but these free workshops are definitely worth investigating if you get the chance, and the underlying technology is intriguing — the rich “managed” client is going to rock.


  1. Who is gonna use it tho? Is the target just massive sites > 10,000 users? I can't see any of my clients implementing this at the mo. They will just stick with notes and an intranet .

    Or is there an express version. ;-)Spug#
  2. Well Mr. Spence, you've hit an interesting point. Who is it aimed at? We've been told it ain't no Domino replacement, so that's not an option.

    The messaging component can bridge to Domino I guess (via SMTP / IMAP?) and the IM part links to Sametime via a bridge for sure, but again, none of this is aimed at Domino shops, IBM have said as much.

    It's also too much of a system for small shops (big CPU requirements, requires WebSphere app and portal servers, plus relational back-end) for whom Domino Express would make more sense. So I'm really not sure who is being targeted. I'm assuming IBM know, and have done their homework in that regard. Perhaps they'll share some of that with us?

    One of the guys on the workshop with us was interested in presenting Workplace as an application service provider, which is an intriguing approach. Beyond that though I can only shrug and admire some of the technological bits, to be frank.Ben Poole#
  3. Yes, foxed me. To quote Toyah "Its'a mystery"

  4. You win the prize *! First mention of Toyah on the site!

    I think I've mentioned Mr. Fripp - erstwhile spouse of Ms. Wilcox and top-tastic musician - but you win for mentioning the woman herself!

    * - I have no idea what the prize is.Ben Poole#

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