John Peel

Shocking news this lunch time: John Peel has died. For readers overseas not in the know, John Peel was one of the best DJs BBC radio ever had. Indeed, he was the longest serving DJ on Radio 1, no mean feat considering that station’s predilection for chopping and changing personnel.

John Peel was extremely knowledgeable about a massive range of music, a witty and personable presenter, and all round good egg. The world is now a poorer place. RIP Mr. Peel.


  1. Peely's a classic. One minute you'd be listening to the Bhundu Boys, the next he's putting on Napalm Death, then follows up with Ritchard Thompsom. Peel opened my eyes to such an amazingingly broad spectrum of music.

    Thanks John.
  2. Does this mean that the Peel Sessions are going to get more expensive? Too bad, I still had quite a few to get. A lot of that stuff was better than the studio recordings.Stan Rogers#

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