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I suppose this site needs a bit more design work in terms of accessibility, but otherwise, not a bad score over at Silktide site score, a site which reportedly checks out your web pages in terms of popularity, speed of loading, accessibility, and so forth. Here’s an extract from my report: pretty much on the money I’d say

The following 3 features were specifically identified: Search facility, News, Moderate profanity. Generally, our analysis detected a very positive selection of text and features…

… About 2,170 other websites were found linking to this website. The website is extremely well linked to.

Check out your site.


  1. Interesting. I'm apparently in violation of the British Disability Discrimination Act. Oh well.

    I wonder how they get the "Your website is ranked number ####### in the world" ranking…

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  2. What a brilliantly helpful site! Thanks, Ben.Andrew Pollack#
  3. I love the fact that "moderate profanity" is a feature. Steve Thompson#
  4. Me too Steve, that appealed greatly :-) Ben Poole#

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