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In between the frantic bouts of coding at work, I always find the time to read a book or three (nothing on the scale of Duffbert mind) — usually on the train. Notable reads recently (but for quite different reasons) include two by Robin Cook: Abduction and Acceptable Risk, plus the excellent medical thriller Gravity by Tess Gerritsen.

With Robin Cook I’ve mentioned before that whilst I like his stories (Chromosome 6 is the benchmark for me), his dialogue often leaves a lot to be desired. A prime example of this is Acceptable Risk, which has a great story (modern day Salem, a nasty fungus and witchcraft!), but some of the most atrocious dialogue ever. Contrast this with the chat in Abduction which flows far more naturally, yet has a storyline verging on the ridiculous: Cook tries to combine themes from Brave New World and The Time Machine, adding a splash of Jules Verne, whilst also solving the mysteries of Atlantis and the origins of man (!) To my mind he doesn’t quite pull it off, and the book is pretty odd. Still, at least he tried something a little different to his more usual fare.

Gravity on the other hand pushes all the right buttons. It is thrilling and has a very good premise. It isn’t startlingly original in plot development, but that takes nothing away from what is a very addictive read. Recommended.


  1. Ben - try "Ironfire" - an extraordinary book about the Knights of Malta. See: this link
  2. I just put Gravity on hold, as I haven't read that one of hers. Surprisingly, I haven't read the Cook ones either, but I'm not sure I'll put those on hold yet… I've got far too many books backed up to waste on things that aren't showing promise before I even start.Duffbert#

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