Domino spam

So now those notorious spammers at Cybernet Software Systems (makers of IntelliPrint, IntelliView etc.) have found my home email address. I’m loathe to use their remove me link, so I think I’ll just tag their mail as spam and leave it at that. Amusingly, one of their About us pages is a 404, and they can’t spell “opportunity”.

Grr. You have been warned!


  1. But they *are* thorough… They sent that email to my yahoo, gmail, AND team-tsg addresses… :-)Duffbert#
  2. Indeed; they also spammed Notestips, so expect some activity over at Lotus developerWorks next I reckon. Gits.Ben Poole#
  3. Yup, I just got a copy too. Matt#
  4. I had the misfortune of downloading their demo and then had them calling me twice a week to see when I was going to buy. "Paul", an individual with a very heavy Indian accent doesn't want to take no for an answer.
    The product looks like it was written in 1990 and not updated since.Ed Maloney#
  5. Is this the new Percussion ;) Rose#

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