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Lotus Notes 'table format item' errorOK, so eventually all was well (three downloads and three installation attempts later) and I got my machine up to Notes 6.5.3. Now the fun really starts… this error message is a new one on me.

I have Googled, I have searched the Lotus developerWorks forums, and I have checked out the Lotus Notes Knowledgebase… nada.

So what does the error mean? Who knows, but if it helps anyone out there, I started getting the error as soon as I added a column to a view which showed document totals. By this I mean adding a number column to a view with the digit “1” as its formula, and the “Totals” column parameter set to “Total” with details hidden. This column was right-aligned, and the last column in the view. In building a test view, so far, so good. For what it’s worth, it would appear that setting the column data format to “number” is the clincher (it’s normally set to “General”). See how that works for you (in 6.5.3).

Anyway, once this error occurs and the view’s been saved, you’re stuffed: you can’t edit the design of the view in question, nor can you open it. All the usual workspace / database compact tricks fall flat, as does re-signing the view.

So that sucks. Domino spam, dodgy downloads, naff installers, and now this. Top that off with a RBoD and today has not been a good day1. I think I shall now close Notes, and fire up Eclipse.

1 - apart from Firefox 1.0 coming out that is!


  1. I can confirm that this bug is also present in 6.5.2. Steps to reproduce (don't do this with something precious! You will lose your work!):

    1) Edit a view, and add a column anywhere with the formula as above (i.e. the digit "1") and set it so that totals are shown.
    2) Make sure the 'Hide detail rows' option is ticked (crucial)
    3) Edit the column's style (fourth tab in column properties) and set the style field to "Number"
    4) Save the view. You should then see the error message mentioned in my main post, and you won't be able to edit or view the element any moreBen Poole#
  2. I've seen this as well and thought it was a corrupt view (well technically i suppose it is) so I just deleted and recreated the view.

    However, I can not reproduce it using your instructions in 6.0.4. (Win XP SP2)

    NB: There is a 4.6.7 incident referring to "Table Format Item is Invalid"
  3. Hi ajp: yes, that's the one I link to as well, it was the only instance of the error I could find anywhere! I've searched the Knowledgebase since, and no joy.

    However, I think it must be a corruption in the database somewhere: I was able to reproduce the error in two separate databases, but when I tried the steps in a third one, everything was OK. An unhappy coincidence! I suppose.Ben Poole#
  4. Semi-related…

    If you get any directory assistance lookup problems then it's 6.5.3. There's already an SPR for the client and soon to be for server too…I'm currently rolling back to 6.5.2!Ben Rose#
  5. Update: I rolled back to 6.5.2 in February of this year. 6.5.3 was just far too buggy, sorry IBM.Ben Poole#

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