Jesusistan strikes again

Good grief. How depressing that these morons are on the rise:

US conservative groups have pledged to protest at screenings of a film about scientist Alfred Kinsey, who lifted the lid on sexual behaviour 50 years ago.

BBC news: Protests over ‘sexologist’ movie.


  1. You think YOU'RE depressed. At least there's water in between you and them…Rob McDonagh#
  2. If they spent less time out there protesting and more time at home giving luvvins to their spouses, the world would be a far more chilled out place.

    Then again, lack of luvvins might explain a few things ;-)Colin Pretorius#
  3. i think a lot of these "morons" are taking themselves very seriously, and the press are taking them more seriously as well. they and the press and even many of their opponents view them suddenly as being "powerful" politically.

    we have to remember that the margin between the candidates was very slim, and that many millions voted the other way. these people have been there all along, and so has everyone else. nothing has really changed, just the perception.

    unfortunately it seems that they have procreated a bit more than the other side. so belly up to the bar, irony all around here… those of us in The Blue need to Get Busy i guess…

  4. Some people believe that "ignorance is bliss" or that "if you ignore something it will go away". As developers we know that works almost every time. Not.Anonymolloyus#
  5. I've never forgiven the loony right for all those other incursions into my life - for example, having to put up with those twatty little Parental Advice stickers on CDs. :-) Ben Poole#
  6. I'm a Catholic, and even I think they're idiots! These people must have too much time on their hands.The Lion King#
  7. Looks like this is a community for only those that agree with you. My last post to the contrary on this whacked topic was deleted. Jesusistan Moron#
  8. Of course it was deleted. You posted under an obvious pseudonym in an anonymous way, i.e. no email or url (and you’re still doing it). To adopt the stance of my friend Volker Weber, this is my house, and these are my rules.

    If you don't have the guts to put a name to your comments, I feel no compunction to keep said content on my site. especially when it’s so half-baked and reactionary. What Kinsey did had nothing to do with child abuse, and yes, to answer your other original question, I am a parent — something readily apparent from reading just a tiny bit of my site.Ben Poole#
  9. Dr. Mengela’s successors

    **How about a few quotes about the Good Doctor:

    "The truth is that Alfred Kinsey was instrumental in bringing about the widespread acceptance of perversity and immorality that exists today,"

    "It ignores the massive fraud, Kinsey's sadomasochistic practices, and barely touches on his use of data on children in sex experiments,"

    "Alfred Kinsey encouraged pedophiles to molest children, all in the name of science,"

    "He was a sexual revolutionary masquerading as an objective scientist,"

    "Instead of being lionized, Kinsey's proper place is with Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele or your average Hollywood horror flick mad scientist."**
    Poison Pero#
  10. Point taken and I agree with your position on not feeling the compunction to keep my previous content because of the "anonymity" so I'll indulge, uncloak, and respectfully play by your rules.

    1) Of course it is reactionary! By definition it's reactionary on the basis that I was responding to a statement you posted that is very general and disparaging to people that don't agree with you on Kinsey. It's reactionary to the statement that people that oppose this movie are "Jesusistans" and / or morons. Being of the type of person that believes Kinsey was a degenerate, I identify with those people that oppose the film. I do not profess to belong to any organized religion or even to be a Christian for that matter but I don't think one needs to be to understand the sickness of his work. I chose the pseudonym defensively and utilized the words you used to describe your opposition.

    2) To address the "half-baked" allegation: It is undisputed that in his work he documented his sexual experiments with children, children and adult partners, etc. How is that NOT child abuse? I know for sure that I would NEVER allow my child to be part of such an "experiment" with anyone let alone a Zoologist / Bug Scientist turned human sexuality expert because it IS child abuse. Even those that laud the film have written that the most disturbing of his works are the sexual experiements with children.

    3) The question about you being a parent was actually meant to be rhetorical.

    It is not my intention to have a long and drawn out debate about Albert Kinsey. My intention was simply to respond with my opinion. Admittedly, I should not have initially posted anonymously (though your site allows it).
    Tony Elliott#
  11. Accusations of child abuse

    In the Kinsey reports are data concerning pre-adolescent orgasms. Kinsey's critics allege that to obtain this data, Kinsey either sexually abused children or condoned the sexual abuse of children. Particularly controversial are tables 30 through 34 of the male volume. For example, table 34 is, "Examples of multiple orgasm in pre-adolescent males. Some instances of higher frequencies." A typical entry indicates that a certain 7 year-old had seven orgasms in a three hour time period. Kinsey's critics state that data such as these could have only been obtained by direct observation of or participation in child abuse. In particular they point to the information given in table 32, "Speed of pre-adolescent orgasm; Duration of stimulation before climax; Observations timed with second hand or stop watch," and say that the only way such precise data could have been collected was through cooperation with pedophiles.

    Poison Pero#
  12. Kinsey is said to have been a bisexual masochist. He reportedly seduced his graduate students and his staff, inserted a toothbrush into his urethra, tied rope around his testicles and pulled, and once gave himself an unanesthetized circumcision. He is also reported to have encouraged group sex among his staff and to have coerced his wife, his staff, and his staff's wives into making pornographic films in the family atticPoison Pero#
  13. The diaries of the pedophile whose identity Kinsey concealed were exposed publicly for the first time yesterday on British television. Rex King, referred to by Kinsey as "Mr. Green" sexually abused at least 800 children and detailed his abuse in diaries which Kinsey used as "scientific research" supporting his theories on sexuality which sowed the seeds for the sexual revolution with their acceptance of homosexuality and promiscuity.
    Poison Pero#
  14. In a chapter entitled "Early Sexual Growth and Activity," Kinsey featured charts in which "trained persons" measured incidences of "orgasm" in children as young as two months.

    In a volume on Female sexuality he remarks, "It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched."
    Poison Pero#
  15. Kinsey's work has been instrumental in advancing acceptance of pornography, homosexuality, abortion, and condom-based sex education, and his disciples even today are promoting a view of children as "sexual beings." Their ultimate goal: to normalize pedophilia, or "adult-child sex."

    Poison Pero#
  16. Thanks Tony I appreciate your response. yes, the site allows anonymous posting… it would be pretty pointless to validate against it: there are plenty of ways around that.

    Re Kinsey, it's not my intent to have a debate about him either. I'm well aware he was a notoriously iffy character (to say the least), so my reaction was more about the fact that this film triggered protests from a specific part of America society that I don't particularly take to (I wonder how many of those protestors actually saw the film).

    My comment re the protestors as being "morons" stands, but that doesn't mean I'd include someone like you in that grouping, nor does it mean I condone what Kinsey (allegedly) did in the cause of research.

    All that said, I wasn't aware that it was undisputed fact Kinsey abused children, hence my comment: I thought he simply documented his discussions with known paedophiles. OK, so that's pretty distasteful (to say the least), but it's not quite the same thing as being a paedophile surely?Ben Poole#
  17. Poison, you can just stick to the one post if you like, I don't mind. Paedophilia, "condom-based sex education", homosexuality, abortion and pornography are wildly disparate themes. Grouping them together is simplistic and offensive.Ben Poole#
  18. You are very right: those themes are offensive.

    Oh by the way, I am religion neutral….Poison Pero#
  19. I would say that it is undisputed in the regard that he himself documented his own work. Therefore, there really wouldn't be any way to dispute it.

    RE being a pedophile? I would answer that question this way: Even if he didn't physically engage in the acts himself, yet led the experiment(s), documented his findings (repeatedly) and encouraged pedophilia with pedophiles; I think he would only NOT be a pedophile by technicality (even under the guise of science). However, his participation in said acts alone would still be criminal. And to go so far as to say that deviant sexual behavior is normal natural? It's my opinion that his statement was the means by which he wanted to legitimize his ummm…'"work" and pleasure.

    Although I find it disturbing that Hollywood has produced a movie about this guy leaving out the most horrific works of his life, freedom has always been a double-edged sword. I'll exercise mine by not supporting it. The most interesting part of all is that we are debating the issue from across the globe via blog.

    Ben, Thank you for allowing me to post my opinion(s). Now, I'll peruse the rest of your blog for the content I was originally after: Domino stuff.Tony Elliott#
  20. Thanks for posting Tony. Your comments are appreciated, and are a hell of a lot more informed and considered than “Poison’s” last couple of posts.Ben Poole#
  21. Kinsey reported almost solely from the diaries of King, on child sexuality, as I understand it. More rigorous scientists decry that work as being a prime example of Kinsey relying on small and skewed samples for his findings.

    Kinsey also engaged in some questionable practices with his staff and his wife but it's not really up to any of us to judge whether or not others are right or wrong… especially if it is between consenting adults. Just because you think he's a pervert doesn't mean he is a pervert. It just solidifies your view of the world, that's all.

    I doubt Poison Pero has ever actually met anyone who doesn't think pretty much the way he or she does, as it appears to be outrage from a position of ignorance.

    As for Jesusistan… I think it's laugh-out-loud funny, particularly in light of recent moves in the US to begin teaching "Intelligent Design" theory, alongside evolution.Hector Johnson#

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