Well I never

Well, drop me bacon sandwich. BBC: Blunkett quits as home secretary. Golly, I never would have guessed this would be the outcome (OK, sarcasm will now end). God I hate politicians. Self-serving wankers the lot of them.

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I thank you.


  1. Geez Ben! I know you're a hard worker (like the rest of us) but isn't it a bit late to be catching up on today's news? :-)

    This was all that the early-evening news programs on the "square window to the world" seemed to be talking about.TheOldGit#
  2. Well its the usual story - dodgy MP's - a bit of info slips out about some of dodgy dealings - british tabloids get wind, they will hound him until he quits. Then they move onto next target.

    Although personally Blunkett deserved it - he was operating too many double standards.Steve Castledine#
  3. wankers ! he he he

    Ben blogged a rude word :-)

    nice one !Coatsie#
  4. I do that from time to time… ;-) And it had nothing to do with the six pints of Guinness and several G&Ts consumed last night. Oh no.Ben Poole#
  5. bloody - there now ive really gone overboard:

    try these for size> Castledine#

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