My God, how does one even begin to grasp the sheer magnitude of what has happened in Asia the past few days?

More than 50,000 people are now known to have died, but more bodies are being discovered every hour in many of the countries affected…

BBC: Quake prompts massive aid effort.


  1. You cannot grasp 50,000 dead people. You can only grasp it one by one.

    Then you look at your own family and imagine they would have been swept into the sea. And then you hug them and all the little fights you fight every day become meaningless.Volker Weber#
  2. With family in both Thailand and India, I have come a bit closer to grasping the fear, but as my brother, nephew and parents are safe in Bangkok, and my aunt in India appears to be safe (no direct communication, but her coastal community reports no missing, dead or severly injured, and lots and lots of refugees pouring in), I am spared the agony. I only hope that disease and starvation do not dwarf the tragedy experienced so far. I also wish there were some concrete way to help besides sending donations.Ben Langhinrichs#

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