Tinkering with RSS

I’ve made some long overdue updates to the back-end design of this site, the most obvious ones (!) concerning my RSS feeds: with the exception of my articles feed (will do it soon), all the feeds have been upgraded to RSS 2.0. This seems to have gone OK, bar one tweak which may have to be reversed. Read on if you reall ywant to know…

Screenshot of Domino Designer showing the content type options for pagesAs I’m sure many of you know, Notes 6.x allows the user to specify a content type for forms and pages. In my site design I use this option to correctly identify my stylesheet and Javascript resources (which are embedded within Page design elements in this Domino application).

All well and good, so for a long time I did the same with my XML pages, with the content type set to text/xml. However, according to the FeedValidator, this isn’t really on, and we should be looking to output our content thus: application/rss+xml. Hmm… Well, doing this solved an encoding warning in the validator, but has apparently caused another as far as Domino is concerned. Because my RSS feeds are comprised of Domino views embedded within pages, this means I can control how many entries are displayed at a time by limiting the number of rows shown in the embedded view. This setting appears to be disregarded by the server when the content type of the holding page is set to application/rss+xml (everything is OK with text/xml).

How annoying is that? I shall report back with any solutions I discover in the never-ending quest for correctly-expressed web content in Domino…

Update: I wouldn’t bother with the optional RSS 2.0 tag lastBuildDate if I were you — obviously it changes every time something is added to the site, thus rendering all items unread each time (or at least it did for me).

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