Rock, Onic and Bob

Listening to some tracks in iTunes today whilst working at home, I realised that I have been somewhat remiss in not mentioning Rock, Onic & Bob, an incredibly talented trio hailing from the Brighton area. As the site says:

From Prince to ELO and the Clash to Kraftwerk, no once brilliant tune is safe from these marauding musical bandits and their small instruments. Apart from Onic’s which to be fair is quite big.

(Yes, Onic is the bass player). This stuff is, I would venture to say, right up Sir Spugwell’s street. If you check out the Get the album section you can even download full versions of White Riot and the heavenly Mr. Blue Sky (hearing an ELO tune took me right back to long trips in the Citroën Famille in the late 1970s)

Being an old fan of the early days of Level 42 (proper grooves, none of that Running In The Family shite) , I am intrigued at the prospect of a banjolele-led version of The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up), not to mention hearing those four perky strings plink their way through the eminently plink-able Kraftwerk choon, The Model. I feel a purchase coming on…


  1. They look great. If you like them you will love the ukulele orchestra

    They did a version of "Smells like teen spirit" on Jools hollands hootanany.

    Live they do loads more stuff like teenage kicks and wuthering heights. The best thing is it is not just a micky take, they are really clever muscians.Spug#

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