Apple’s entry into the home entertainment market?

A hoax, or some real pictures of a rumoured “iHome” product — perhaps the “headless” low-cost Mac touted for announcement at next week’s MacWorld? Who knows… looks realistic to me.

Pictures link.

Update:There’s more on this at engadget, including some discussion re the spelling of “centre” on the packaging giving the game away — I’m inclined to agree that this lends credence to the hoax theory!


  1. I'm going to watch some (American) football tonight. When I leave the house, I will leave with the thought of how… if they did it right… Apple could revolutionize the living room. The form factor of this thing sure looks like something absolutely f'ing awsome.

    Anybody making a move into the living room today has to have a DVR. They missed out on a full year of iMac sales when they didn't have a CDR as even an option. They can't do the same thing in the living room.

    Imagine Apple designed hardware and software… TV Tuner, DVR, DVD Burner, iChat AV, iTunes (including Music Store), iPhoto… on your TV…? Would be nice if that other box in the photos was an Apple designed remote to control the whole thing? Turn it on and it works. Apple at your service.

    I'll wake up on Monday and realize I was crazy… but at least I'll enjoy this weekend. Monday's suck anyway.Bob Obringer#
  2. Wise words about Mondays Bob ;-) I think Apple have something up their sleeve in this area for sure. Airport Express with knobs on if you will: a wireless-enabled home media network. It’s not like you can’t do this stuff already anyway — Apple just want a slice of the action. Why not beam stuff directly from your Mac to your living room? You have ripped music, what about PVRs and ripped movies?

    It has to be better than Windoze Media Center…

    OK, so iHome looks to be a clever hoax, but I wouldn’t put it past Apple to come up with something along the same lines.Ben Poole#
  3. OK, so now it's Monday.

    I have a feeling that… this box is real.

    The one thing that gets me is the video. The 3GPP video makes me think it's most like come off a phone OUTSIDE of the US. More likely Asia than Europe too (or have 3GPP phones finally hit in Europe too?). Could this be from somewhere like Taiwan right where they could be manufactured?

    Forbes seems to be speculating that something like I suggested might be in the works:

    Damn, I hate that there is going to be no live feed.Bob Obringer#

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