Guilty pleasures

Cover to 'Can I Play With Madness'I am currently listening to a song called Can I Play With Madness by none other than Iron Maiden. And I’m loving it. I haven’t listened to any Iron Maiden in years.

The song dates back to 1988, and it is the one and only Maiden single I have ever owned. I see now, having bought the track on iTunes, why I shelled out for this at the tender age of fifteen (despite the fact that then I was a total jazz-fusion nutter). It is a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat rock song. Looking at UK chart details for the era, I note that the single made it to number three. Tremendous!

That is all <grin>.


  1. Maiden were always a bit loud for me, although I'm sure they were awesome live…things are never do loud when live.

    Classic rock? Get yourself some Thin Lizzy sir…Ben Rose#
  2. As Ben said, Thin Lizzy - good old Irish folk rock. But then I am biased, being Irish and an old rocker ;-)

    I listen to rock, and metal, all the time - even at work, where we are encouraged to 'make ourselves comfortable' in our work environment.

    Works great when I'm listening to Aerosmith or Van Halen, but not great when I'm listening to something a bit more extreme and 'heavy metal' like Mayhem or Obituary ;-)Anonymous Coward#
  3. btw - I'm the coward up above….too used to forums to remember to put in my name and details heheDave G#
  4. Dave G - Use the remember me feature ;)Ben Rose#
  5. Already have, just forgot to whack them in the first time. Heavy Metal has warped my fragile little mind ;-)Dave G#

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