Another Lotusphere wiki

You may have seen over on Volker’s site that we have launched another Lotusphere wiki. This application is based upon an early beta of the next release of OpenWiki, 0.9.5. In this release there are a few bug fixes, an RSS 2.0 feed for recent changes, and an improved wiki markup parser (this uses the Apache ORO regexp classes, wonderfully wrappered in an LS2J library by the geek-munous Julian Robichaux. I will be releasing the code on the OpenNTF site soon, but just wanted to use this new wiki as a test bed for my iffy code for a few days yet… ;-)

But I said “another Lotusphere wiki” didn’t I! Well, Mac Guidera’s sessions wiki looks really good, and makes effective use of Ben Langhinrichs’s sessions database. Check it out!


  1. Job well done my friend.Bruce Elgort#

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