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Do you fancy doing some route planning courtesy of Microsoft? My old chum Stuart sent this wee gem: once you’re in the MSN Maps & Directions site, enter “Haugesund” as your starting city in Norway. For your end point, select the (also Norwegian) city of Trondheim.

Click “Get Directions”, sit back and marvel at this technology God help us all when Microsoft’s Windoze spyware eradicator comes out of beta!


  1. Well, you don't need to go through so many countries if you select "shortest" (as opposed to "quickest"), just Norway with a quick stop in either northern England or southern Scotland (with the green line being about 50 miles wide, it's hard to tell). Are the roads in Norway really so bad you have to go through Great Britain to get where you're going? Is it really that much faster if you go through Denmark, Germany and the Low Countries? (Must be the autobahn, right?)Stan Rogers#
  2. Interesting….hit "reverse directions" and it gets it right…Tom Franks#
  3. Hmm, having been to Norway and driven around the fjords near Bergen, I can almost believe that's a quicker route :)Colman Carpenter#
  4. LMFAO, funniest of the week so far.Ben Rose#

    Try this link guys. GPS solutions in Ireland are a waste of time, but using MS technology, you can drive you car between two towns in Ireland and only have to drive through two bays….Paul Mooney#

    Check out that link to see pictures of the route in case MS tries to fix it.Eli#

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