OpenWiki 0.9.5a

The latest version of OpenWiki has been released. Version 0.9.5a offers the following in terms of features and bug fixes:

  • New regexp wiki parser means a number of wiki parser bugs are addressed
  • Category removal bug fixed
  • Some internationalisation support (page content, not subject)
  • RSS 2.0 feed showing recent changes
  • Configuration document & view, mainly to support RSS feed
  • More detailed set-up / usage instructions in "Using…" document
  • Some default pages to get going with!

Download or, uh, be wiki-d about. Note that this version can currently be seen in action in both my wiki as well as the Lotusphere 2005 wiki.


  1. Ya clever sod! ;)

    Now, what is it about UK based Domino developers? - seems they lead the field when it comes to state of the art Domino web development - witness Poole, Howlett, Golding, Castledine …all this amazing knowledge and what do they do with it? - simple, they give it away!?

    Tell me, is there something in the water over there that we don't know about!?Colin Williams#
  2. Colin, you’re too kind :-) Why do we give it away? Well, no bugger will buy my skills!

    Especially when I kill Domino JVMs… as keen observers will notice I have done again (only to the LS wiki).

    So, the next version of OpenWiki is pending, this time with an all-Java parsing agent. LS2J is a joke, and it’s currently at my expense [smiley frown] Ben Poole#

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