Russell gets (another) Mac

Very cool: Russell Beattie has got himself a Mac Mini, and has done a wee pictorial of the day :-)

The Mac Mini and iPod shuffle have made their retail debut in the US today, although it would appear that the shuffles are selling out fast. It’s good to see such a buzz around what Apple are doing nowadays, although as usual, the success of iPods and what-have-you mean failure in the eyes of some analysts:

The Mac platform is essentially stagnant. That becomes obvious when you look at the declining market share numbers—not from research firms, but from the W3C, which monitors online activity… I’m now convinced that this stems mostly from Apple’s inability to make the Mac a commodity computer by pricing it to compete with PCs made inexpensively in China and selling with razor-thin margins.
Much of the problem arises from the psychology created by the overpriced iPod. And Mac users who buy the players contribute to the problem by encouraging the company to maintain its high-margin death march.

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