Apple release security update 2005-001

Apple software update iconapple have released their latest security update. It includes tweaks to the following components and applications, although there’s scant detail in the software update page at the moment (this should be updated later today / tomorrow (depending on your timezone!)):

  • at commands
  • ColorSync
  • libxml2
  • Mail
  • PHP
  • Safari

» More details


  1. Here's some info by way of Yahoo: Walrath#
  2. Thanks Greg. Apple have details here too: Poole#
  3. Unrelated Mac Question:

    Ben, do you know the Notes Mac Client equivalent for F9 (refresh)?

  4. Hi AJP. I do indeed: it’s F9!

    Just make sure you don’t have a clash using F9 for something else (it’s often mapped to an Exposé task).Ben Poole#
  5. Ben,

    Thanks, F9 was mapped to Exposé, which I have now change to something else and F9 does do a refresh.

    However, it is unlikely that I'll be able to change users Exposé setting so I'm wondering if there is a keyboard combination that would leave Exposé to its default settings (eg F9) and some other combination would do a refresh.

    For example on the Mac F5 is volume control, but Fn-F5 does a Notes Log off. I can't find an eqivalent for F9, which activates Exposé what ever combination of F9 is used.



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