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A sobering diary entry if ever there was one. BBC writer Ivan Noble has been keeping a diary of his battle with cancer for the past two years. He has written his final entry, and it’s crushing.

This is my last diary.

I have written it ahead of time because I knew there would be a point when I was not well enough to continue.

That time has now come…

One of Ivan’s earlier entries this year said this:

I used to fear I would never see my son’s birth.

Now there will be a fight but it is one which might still see me show up at his first birthday…

Can you imagine just facing up to this, never mind everything else that your illness entails? The human spirit thus expressed amazes me.

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  1. Just to let you know Ben - your perm links in your feed have gone skew - domain name has gone on holiday!Steve Castledine#
  2. Came across this just yesterday …

    speechless … SlawekSlawek#
  3. I watched my mother dying of cancer and it was possibly the most significant event of my life. It still hits my mind daily.Ben Rose#
  4. Ivan Noble died yesterday: Poole#
  5. Warren Zevon's death was very sobering, as well. I'm not accustomed to that type of witness.

    The last year is documented in a DVD of the making of his final album, The Wind.

    I can only pray to be so graceful about my own death.

    Dave Campbell#

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