Never mind Workplace, the ’Sphere and all that fol-de-rol. I just crashed Domino Designer so hard that I can no longer edit views any design elements in any database. I did it so bad, my system didn’t even invoke the NSD crash manager thingie.

What is more, killing all Notes-related tasks and the usual lock file does nothing: although Notes will re-surface, it freezes again as soon as I go to edit a view anything. Any design element in any database. No graceful failure or system crash, just a total-lock down of the Notes client. Oh, and re-starting Windoze, running nfixup etc., etc., none of that helps.

Beat that. [smiley Sad]

Update: this is in Notes 6.5.3 on WinXP Pro. I have deleted my cache.ndk file, compacted my workspace, re-booted, re-added icons, run ncompact and nfixup, and so on.


  1. Try deleting bookmark.nsf and restarting.Damien Katz#
  2. Thanks Damien.

    Oh woe is me. I gave it a go: scratching bookmarks was the one thing I hadn’t tried, but alas. I also repaired the Notes installation via XP’s Add / Remove programs thingie to no avail — I think a clean install is due.

    Which sucks. How can little old me kill my whole installation?!?

    All ’cause I had the temerity to edit some computed text which was @Explode-ing a @DbLookup command.

    Developers! You have been warned! :-) Ben Poole#
  3. It knows, Ben, it knows.

    You were at Lotusphere last week. And you ogled that other woman, that, that . . . Workplace Designer.

    Beware the wrath of a Designer client spurned . . .

    :)Greg Walrath#
  4. Would that were the case Greg: I’ve never been to Lotusphere!

    Unless you count “Lotusphere Berlin” in 2000.

    Which I don’t :-D Ben Poole#
  5. Dang, Ben, that's pretty freaking impressive. Best I've ever done is conjure the red screen of death five times in one day by editing script modules that are 'baked' events for form objects. (it's a long story, but fun to watch a form try to validate the LS on save after wacking some of them moles).

    Here is what I would suggest.

    You'll need to uninstall most of the useless software on your computer, probably everything in the WinNT folder (you know, all of that WindowsXPerience garbage).

    Replace it with a stable custom build of win 2k sp4 (see Fred Vorcks site for how to make one - I did and I love it - thin and secure! only took two hours of fiddling)

    Reinstall Domino client 6.5.2. ;-)Jerry Carter#
  6. :-) Well, I uninstalled 6.5.3 in the end, and did a clean install of 6.5.2. All is fine, apart from the default behaviour of the integrated Sametime client in 6.5.2, which is so annoying I've disabled it and gone back to the stand-alone (it bleeps every time someone dings you on ST, and brings the window to the fore, no matter what you're doing -- the 6.5.3 integration didn't do this).

    I have to stick to WinXP though Jerry: official firm PC image and all that, heh heh.

    As for what happened last night, I have no idea. Never seen anything like it, but it certainly hosed Notes… I tried everything!Ben Poole#
  7. Related to last night's fun, try this in Notes 6.5.3 or 6.5.2 on WinXP. It kills Notes every time for me:

    - Edit a document with a rich text field.
    - In the rich text field, create some computed text
    - Put a valid formula in (e.g. @Name([CN]; @UserName))
    - Make sure the text Infobox is open (this is crucial)
    - Click on the green tick in the design pane

    If you get a "Cannot execute the specified command" error message, Notes is about to die…

    Closing the Infobox before doing this seems to prevent NSD kicking off.Ben Poole#
  8. As we used to say at Iris (depending on the day):
    1) Kewl!
    2) I feel your painBob Balaban#
  9. Guys, I've started feeling the same pain since yesterday. I can't edit any Form or View. I can open any other design element with no problem. Mine is 6.5.1.

    Looks like a clean install is due. I haven't tried that because its a lengthy process here where I work.Amit Sharma#
  10. Just got this crash in Notes 7.0.2.Mike W#

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