iTunes updating my new iPod shuffleThe iPod arrived Thursday night. Mrs. P. wasn’t going to let me have it until Valentine’s day (the iPod. Shush at the back), but the whingeing was sufficient that she relented this morning, and I loaded the wee chap up with choons. He maxed out at 114 tracks, not bad at all. The thing is tiny, and very easy to use. I was also very pleasantly surprised at the sound quality: it’s a lot better than you’d think, even with the default Apple earphones.

The half gig model is just right for me I think: navigating over two hundred songs on this could get tiresome, but having a nice random choice from 100 or so is just right for me. I’m very pleased with this purchase!


  1. Please let us know how you like it after a week or so. I've been considering whether or not to buy one of these for my wife, and i've yet to decide whether the inherent randomness of it would be acceptable or quickly become really annoying.Dave Lehman#
  2. I must comment you on your selection of music, well, at least the one song that you have in the picture. :-) And here I thought I was the only DM fan left in the world.

    Sean---Sean Burgess#
  3. Dave, will do. I travel to London at least three times a week, which entails a lot of walking with music (hence the shuffle) — after I’ve done this for a bit, rest assured I will post a review of sorts!

    Sean - got to love a bit o’ Depeche Mode. Their hometown is about ten miles down the road too! :-) But I thought they were pretty big in the US? Certainly their tours seem to do well over there.Ben Poole#
  4. Personal Jesus and Shake the Disease are still running around my head after all these years - oh, the '80s were great.
    I just ordered a Mac Mini and shuffle… 3 week wait [smiley frown]
    Bye-bye Windows and good riddance!Ed Maloney#

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