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Regulars here know I have a bit of a thing for developer stories; I’ve posted on this before, and linked to sites like (now a book, Revolution In The Valley) or, most recently, Damien Katz’s fascinating tale behind the new formula engine in ND6. Well, here’s a real treat in the offing, thanks to Mike Cannon-Brookes:

My Friend The Developer. The intention is hat this site becomes a collection of interviews with well-known, and not-so-well-known developers: how they started, what drives them, etc., etc. And what a great idea! I shall be watching the site with interest.


  1. the great javaHispano also have a good section of interviews with developers, book authors, Head First inventors, javaRanch founders, etc..
    Most of those are in english and spanish.
    Axel Janssen#

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