My Lotusphere 2005 bagIt’s been somewhat busy of late. In fact, “manic” wouldn’t be overdoing things in terms of description. Coding, meetings, conference calls, huge great design decisions… oof. But amongst all this: a bag. Specifically, a Lotusphere bag, courtesy of Mr. Elgort. I am very grateful for this, particularly today when I needed to take a lot of stuff to the office. Damn, but these LS05 bags are HUGE! Thank you Bruce :-)

Anyway, tonight I had a bit of a break and met up with Dave, an old chum and colleague. Dave is single-handedly turning various outposts of the Australian government into Dominoids, and I don’t imagine he’s having much trouble either, if his past coding exploits are anything to go by; there are few among the Notes camp of ’99 who can forget “Dave’s Amazing Agent” or “Agent 007”… It was smashing to see you Binger!

So, big thanks to Bruce for the bag, my thanks also to vowe for having a similar notion: I hope I can return the favour soon. In the meantime, expect an iPod shuffle review, a new release of OpenWiki, and more frequent posting. Just not all at the same time. [smiley PokeTongue]


  1. Ben,

    Just so you know the LS bag was donated by Melissa Gena. I was in charge of getting it to you :-). We all hope you enjoy it. We certainly appreciated the LS05 OpenWiki that you created as it served us all very well.


    BruceBruce Elgort#

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