And you thought Domino bloggers were fiery...

A month ago, Michael Gartenberg wrote a column for Computerworld entitled Business Must Be Cautious With Firefox which in common with many pieces of technology journalism these days, stated the bleedin’ obvious:

Many mission-critical applications have been built on Internet Explorer, and most organizations don’t have the budget or resources to recode them.

Then there’s this, which doesn’t even make sense:

In addition, PCs’ application loads need to be properly tested to ensure that nothing breaks with the addition of a different browser.
Er, OK. Finally, the piece is just wrong on at least one point:

… business users need to think twice about making the switch from Internet Explorer, since Firefox lacks the ability to run Microsoft ActiveX code…

Quite apart from the fact that one could argue that no ActiveX support is a good thing, in actual fact Firefox can run ActiveX if you really need it to. So what was this chap thinking?? I guess he just wanted the notoriety.

Anyway, check out the reader responses. Look at them go!

Via Ben Lampard.

Update: in a weird twist of, er, something, Firefox 1.0.1 was released today!

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