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You should, by now, know all about the scumbags at /, with their pathetic business practices. If not, Duffbert has the low-down. Well, I think it’s time to add the IntelliPrint gang, Cybernet Software Systems, to the crowd. Now, once upon a time I used to receive reams of sales emails from these people at work, dating back to when I asked them for some product literature at Lotusphere Berlin five years ago (silly me, my fault).

However, over the last couple of years I’ve noted that CSS occasionally spam the developerWorks: Lotus forums — especially ironic given that one of Cybernet Software’s people even complained about spam on the LDD!

But now they’re spamming my personal address, which I have never given them, and the email footer really ticks me off:

This mail is not a SPAM. We respect your privacy and all international standards and conventions for mailing etiquette. You are receiving this mail because you have visited our website and have downloaded products and solution kit earlier, with explicit sign in for receiving emails from us OR you could also have visited us on events like Lotusphere, user groups and have registered with us. If you desire not to receive any future mails form us, please visit and unsubscribe. We would remove you instantaneously from all future campaigns. Thanks.

Utter bullshit. I have never given these people the email address they are currently using. They are spammers, pure and simple. Avoid.


  1. Just this afternoon I received three separate spams from Intelliprint -- all the same e-mail, and all to my website. I didn't even bother to read them…went straight to the trash.

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  2. In fact, one of the e-mails was sent to "book at nsftools dot com". I sure as hell didn't give them that address. I'll bet that's on my site somewhere (related to my "Unfinished LotusScript Book"), and I'll bet they used some kind of tool to scrape all the addresses off all my pages.

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  3. At least they finally stopped calling by phone regularly. Some companies should be aware that behaviour like that is the best way to NOT get one as customer.Oliver Regelmann#
  4. Having taken the Sales & Marketing responsibility for CSS Lotus Notes Products recently , I apologize. There are no excuses I'd like to make.

    However, I'd like to mention that we never use any email extraction tool or other means to get email ids to promote our products. We had made a wrong choice of the email list vendor and we have done away with them from May'05. We have recently centralised all permission based email lists and have brought them under our direct control.

    Director ( Notes Business)

    H Balakrishnan (Bala)#

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