Visiting Pixar

Ain’t It Cool News has a great little piece on Pixar, in which their reporter visited the famous animation studio campus in Emeryville, California, and wrote it up — with pictures. The two things that struck me most reading the report were the “Pixar University”, and the way the outfit goes about ensuring full-on creativity. Check out the alternative “cubicles” all Pixar animators have: cool beyond belief!

Sigh. I guess like me, many of you have a lovely grey cubicle zone to look forward to when you hit the office. So inspiring. Not. Anyway, check out how Pixar develop their people:

They offer classes to all of their employees, no matter what department they’re in, on all aspects of filmmaking. The theory is that they want everyone in the building to understand exactly what it is that the company does, so they can all appreciate the main goals of Pixar.

Read on: Ain’t It Cool News: THE INCREDIBLES At Pixar.


  1. Grey? I'd kill for grey. My cell is a loverly Dijon mustard colour.Stan Rogers#
  2. My commiserations Stan, that does indeed sound grim. Who are these people who complete an office refit - for example in Dijon mustard - and then nod to themselves on a job well done?!?Ben Poole#
  3. grey, almost off white here. its not bad as far as cubes go, but its still a cuuuube. one day i'll have an office like julian. if i just stick around for about 20 years, i'm sure it will happen. right? i mean, right?

    itunes (delivered via sony earbuds) is the only thing keeps me sane in here some days, what with all these people with offices yelling at their speaker phones.

    oh well i shouldn't complain. at least i have a steady job and decent pay. and i get to go home every night and forget about work, most days.

    anyway yeah that pixar thing rocks. woohoo! lets go work at pixar! yay.

    crikey, thanks for posting this ben, i guess i'll go get on prozac now. ;-)jonvon#
  4. I have a feeling I would gladly trade my office for a Pixar "cube".

    - Julian

    Julian Robichaux#
  5. More on Pixar, and working there:

    Via Ben Poole#

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