New coffee machine!

Krups coffee machineNow then. The last couple of weeks have been quite traumatic for electrical items in the Poole household. My faithful old Epson inkjet gave up the ghost first, as did a newly-purchased digital thermometer. But then we had the real trauma: I switched on my coffee maker one morning, and evil-smelling smoke started pouring out of it. Alas and alack. No more nice coffee.

Well, we’ve been making do since then with a cafetiére — not bad at all — but Mrs. P likes her cappuccinos and I like my coffee black and strong.

So, I went and bit the bullet: a grand-looking Krups F9364138 Cafe Presso Crematic arrived from Amazon today. It does frothy milk, espresso at 15 bar pressure, and so on and so forth. With regards its efficacy, I shall report back shortly ;-)

Oh yes, we replaced the printer too. Not having any complaints about Epson — my old machine dated back to 1998 — I bought another. This time the Epson Stylus Photo R200. It’s a good printer, and colour photos come out beautifully. It’s also extremely quiet, and cost a mere seventy quid. Technology eh?


  1. Geez, we bought the same machine 2 months ago. So much for globalization (we are in the Czech republic)! Pretty good product overall but the hot steam gadget seems sort of clumsy when making capuccinos…

  2. 'I like mine black and strong' - I assume we're talking about the coffee here.

    Me too. Rule of thumb - if you can see through it when you're pouring it, you've missed the mark…or you're just a big girl.Mark#

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