At the end of March I ruminated and the post got a fair bit of feedback on the personal front: various people far and wide wondering what was going on in Poole world! Well, things got a little better after that post, and it looked like work was turning a corner…

Unfortunately that was short-lived. So here I am, nearly 11 o’clock on a Friday night, working. With the prospect of more to come. I wouldn’t mind so much if the work was interesting or fulfilling.

But of course it’s not. So, my apologies but the site will be quiet for a little while longer as a I wrestle with this shite. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

At least, I hope it will.

My apologies to work chums who have heard all this on a daily basis (with the appropriate excruciating level detail of course) for weeks via Sametime etc., but I thought my other reader should get at least some kind of explanation as to the silence of late ;-).


  1. Your "other reader"? I thought there was more than just me skulking about.

    I hear you, and can repeat back word for word with embellishments of my own, Ben. Sometimes I wish I was still shining shoes. At least there was a tiny accomplishment to behold every so often in those days….Stan Rogers#
  2. Mate! When I was a permie I felt like you did. Now I'm a contractor I don't. There is something subtly different about being on a contract - you don't seem to bulldoze as much crap up in front of you, or something.

    By the end of 4 years as a permie I was spending all my time supporting everything I'd built over the last 4 years. As a contractor it's not that you care less, but it is easier to walk away. It is more of a business relationship - "pay me to give a damn" - I do good work, then I go home and don't think about it until the morning.

    The work is often stuff that no-one else wants to do (but that can be because it's difficult, i.e. interesting, not just 'cause it's dross). The percieved uncertainty of the contracting situation only applies if you're only an average coder (i.e. you'll be A-OK). All I can say is my head is better for it.

    I hope it comes right, mate.Chris Molloy#

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