Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Tiger is very good. I’ve been running it non-stop for a while now, and I like it very much. My 800MHz G4 likes it too, and the ever-so-subtle-it-hurts restyling that Apple do with each major release of OS X is nifty (well, apart from the buttons in Mail: as everyone else on the web has already said, what were Apple thinking?!?)

But I’m not going to launch into some in-depth review, it’s already been done in far more detail than I could ever hope to achieve, so I’ll leave that. Instead, why not subscribe to John Gruber’s “Tiger details” RSS feed? You can find it on this page:

Tiger details.

BTW, Spotlight is brilliant. Just don’t compare it to Quicksilver, or I will scream.


  1. In what furnace was thy brain?Pete Lyons#
  2. :-D Ben Poole#

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