Apple have (very) quietly released iTunes 4.8 for Windows and the Mac — well, they’ve released it in the States anyway; there’s no sign of it on the UK Apple site or in software update as the time of typing.

Anyway, Apple have been very coy about what this update offers, but one of the the things I can make out is support for full-screen video using Quicktime. The writing has been on the wall for some time regarding video and iTunes — music videos and exclusive movie trailers have been on offer there for some time — but I’m guessing that the cat will soon be truly out of the bag: surely this is all in preparation for some kind of new take on on-line digital purchases? Are Apple moving into the DRM-enabled movie business?

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  1. It's interesting that they are supporting playing full screen QT videos from iTunes given the whole "QuickTime Tax" thing that is talked about in that big Ars Technica Tiger article (

    As the article says, there's nothing technically stopping the QT player going fullscreen, it's just Apple chose to disable it in the default front-end. Maybe now Apple wants people to play all their video through iTunes :)Marcin#
  2. I read about the iTunes update here would the US one work on a UK machine or not a good idea?

    I blogged about some audio stuff here today Ben Rose#
  3. The US update will be exactly the same binary, I’m sure. In fact, whilst Software Update isn’t showing 4.8, iTunes itself asks if you want to update (assuming you have the update-checking switched on of course), so I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that the software is available for all territories.

    iTunes is the one piece of software I tend to hold fire on though, in terms of updating. You never know what Apple are going to remove next with that thing…Ben Poole#
  4. Now you tell me…I upgraded last night ;O)

    Glad to have you back blogging in real-time!Ben Rose#

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