I did it again

I did this last year too… heh. Well anyway, this weblog is three years old. In fact, it hit three last week. I was just being slack (again). Tsk. But hey, someone else had a birthday too…

On a wholly unrelated note, go check out Michael Sampson’s post about the Collaborative Technologies Conference in New York next month: I’m one of the “three” he mentions (I think) ;-)


  1. You sure are Ben! One of the first that I knew about …Michael Sampson#
  2. Happy blirthday. You know, that's actually 21 in blog years…

    - JulianJulian Robichaux#
  3. Ah there you go, you’re mixing yer “dl” and “b” sounds again Julian.

    :-) I thank you for your kind words.Ben Poole#
  4. dear blen,

    happy blirthday for your bllog. i hope your bllog has many more blirthdays as it is a source of much blemusement. you have proven yourself a blenefactor to the bllog communtiy blenty of times.


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