Flickr removes (some) Flash

In a bid to escape Big Brother this evening I thought I’d go through some piccies and do some posting to Flickr. I noticed that individual photo pages were loading up in a far more snappy way… and what do you know, things have changed a little at Flickr:

We’ll we’ve gone and done it. In answer to countless requests, photo pages no longer use a Macromedia Flash wrapper to display photos; instead we are using an old technology called “DHTML.”

A good move. Many of the Flash bits totally rock, but I was always at a loss to work out why individual picture pages still relied on Flash. A great site just gets better…


  1. Oh. God. Another Big Brother widower. Sucks, eh ?

    I mean, Lotusscript is dull. Like plucking your own eyebrows bad. But Big Brother ? "Break, give me a f**king", as Yoda would say…

    ---* BillWild Bill#

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