No ’blogging for me the past week. No coding either. Since Wednesday night I have been a full-time single parent! Mrs. P. nipped off to Spain with some friends for five days, leaving me with the brood. Looking after three kids morning, noon and night for five days is quite tiring… :-). So this is why I have neglected the site. Sure, I had grand plans for re-doing my CSS etc. in my free evenings, but I was just kidding myself. Ironing, tidying up — these activities have been the order of the day!

Anyway, back in the office tomorrow. And I will be snowed: testing to sort out (we’re finally migrating to Domino 6, and on the J2EE front I have an app to get out of the door, plus we’re doing a new proof of concept app). On Thursday and Friday I will be attending @media 2005 with a number of colleagues (including one John Marshall), so expect some posts about that! There will be a fair few web gurus at this conference. Jeffrey Zeldman is giving the keynote, Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith will be speaking too, amongst many others. Should be good!

Finally of course, talking of conferences, the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off today: let’s just hope Steve puts us out of our misery with regards the Apple / Intel intrigue that has been all over the web of late. I don’t think it’s going to be as straight-forward as Apple switching to x86 chip-sets, but hey, what do I know? I’m no pundit.

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